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Eagle Ridge Subdivision
Condor Drive
Cantonment, FL 32533

One of the most desirable communities to live in Cantonment, FL is Eagle Ridge.  We are located off Kingsfield Road, 2 blocks east of Hwy 29.  There is only one way in and one way out of our subdivision.  The area began development around 1995 and the Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association was organized under the Laws of the State of Florida on October 28, 1997.


At almost any time of the day you will see neighbors walking, jogging, biking and children playing around the neighborhood. We are a safe, friendly and beautiful place to live.


Eagle Ridge has Covenants, Condit​ions and Restrictions. Because of these CC&Rs, most people believe that the property values will increase or at most stay at a high level.  This is the overwhelming reason why people move to our area.  They know neighbors want to keep up with their property.  The other reason to reside in our community is because of the school district in which we are located.  We are in the following school districts:  Lipscomp Elementary School, Ransom Middle School and Tate High School.

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