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The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for granting or denying permission to homeowners who wish to undertake projects that are regulated by the Covenants and Restrictions. Below is an excerpt from our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that gives information about the ARC:

Section 1-Prior Approval.​  No building, fence, wall, mailbox, driveway, gate, light post, landscaping or other structure or improvement of any nature whatsoever shall be commenced, erected or maintained upon any Lot or the Subject Property by any Owner, the Association or anyone else, nor shall any exterior addition to or change alteration or modification be made to any of the foregoing until the design, plans, specifications, plot plan and landscaping plan showing the nature, kind, shape, height, material, color and location of same have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee as complying with the standards generally set forth in Section 2 of this Article VI.  In the event this Architectural Review Committee fails to approve or disapprove such design, plans, specifications, plat plans and/or landscaping plans within 30 days after same have been received by said Committee, or in any event, if no suit to enjoin the erection of such improvements or the making of such alterations has been commenced prior to the completion thereof, such approval will not be required and this covenant will be deemed to have been fully complied with.  The plans submitted to the Architectural Review Committee shall, without limitation, show the elevation and other matters set forth on the front, rear and both side walls of the structure.

Section 2-Architectural Review Committee. The ARC shall initially consist of three representatives of Declarant who shall serve until their resignation there from.  Accordingly, decisions of the ARC shall be based upon the uniform application of such reasonable, but high, standards as are consistent with a first-class single family residential subdivision, such standards to include, among other things, the harmony of external design including roof style (pitch, shingle and color), chimney, exterior siding (material and color), windows and trim, shutters (color and style), front doors, garage doors, location in relation to surrounding structures and topography, the type, kind and character of buildings, structure and other improvements, and aesthetic qualities in general. 

The ARC meets on an as ​needed basis. We currently have three members serving on the Architecture Review Committee. 

If you are planning to undertake a project that requires ARC approval, please fill out the following form and submit to Exit Realty, N.F.I.  In order for your submission to be reviewed, you must submit a copy of your lot survey with the location of the item you plan to erect or change indicated. The copy of the lot survey must be mailed via the postal service to the address for Exit Realty, N.F.I. listed at the top of the form.

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