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Eagle Ridge Subdivision has approximately 162 homes and has a strong and active Homeowners Association made up of homeowners who have volunteered many hours of their time to help keep our neighborhood beautiful and peaceful.  With the help and guidance from our management company, Exit Realty, N.F.I., our HOA Board of Directors makes su​re the Bylaws, Covenants and Restrictions are followed.  In doing so, they ensure that our homes maintain their property values and that our neighborhood remains a desired place to live.

Currently, the Board of Directors consists of three homeowners:

Becky Baisden - President​ ​​

Grover Flowers - Vice President / Treasurer

Christopher Edwards - Secretary

​The Board of Directors meets when necessary to make any decisions needed for the safety of our community.  We hold our annual Homeowners Association Meeting to review the budget, discuss any old business, new business, and the election of new officers for the board.  All homeowners are invited to attend every meeting!

To report a street ​light issue:

Send the HOA President the following information:  


The pole tag number and closest address to the street light that is out.


Email this information to 

You can also report the street light outage on Florida Power and Light's website:

FPL Northwest FL | Report a Streetlight Outage

Exit Realty, N.F.I. is located at:

7139 N. 9th Ave Suite P

Pensacola, FL 32504



Business hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30 to 5:00


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